Mink's best friend. Being a physically weak elf, she relies on her magical powers, even though these actually are just as weak. Her magical ineptitude also extends to the use of the lightning cane — she usually hits everything but the target. Rufa has an extremely sadistic personality and is quite unmoral and untactful, often making fun of the misfortune of others and receiving pleasure from causing it (in the OAV these traits are non-existent). Lufa has also a strong sex drive, making advances onto nearly every visually attractive person she comes across, including Mink and other females. She becomes a human at the end of the manga, having been turned into a toad by Azetodeth and then drinking the People/Pido Potion. Her original name is Rufa, but due to the nature of translation, both Lufa and Rufa are used (though Rufa appears to be the more correct spelling). In the manga, she has a father named Link. She never mentions her mother, although later on, Link is seen with a female elf who is either Lufa's mother or a girlfriend.