Rouce as he he looks nowadays

Mink's father and husband to Mana, who was at one time one of the greatest knight in the kingdom. His nickname comes from his speed, which allows him to look like red lightning when fighting. Originally, the King had sent Rouce on a mission to slay an imperial red dragon who had invaded the land. But instead of killing the dragon, Mana, he instantly fell in love with and married her.
Rouce retired from the knight business, and now the couple lives in a quiet valley where they raise their daughter, Mink. Nowadays, he and Mana are involved in constant domestic squabbles because Rouce has become a perverted skirt-chaser. He disapproves of Mink's crush on Dick Saucer, mostly because of his ego as a fabled swordsman.
Although he is excessively perverted and lazy, he will jump in to save his wife and daughter if they are in immediate danger. His special attack carves the letter R into his opponents. Although retired, he is still a great swordsman, once defeating a large group of monsters attacking Mana and Mink in the woods. When asked about it, he denies having done anything, to which Mana says that he is a good liar. He also still lives up to his nickname, being able to move faster than even Saucer when attacking a monster who had taken Mana hostage.