Princess Vina

Vina in her human form

Slime-half daughter of King Siva and Venus, Princess Vina spent most of her life in the form of a slime creature. At her birth, her father went completely bald (losing the last hair on his head) and her mother died of a broken heart because of her condition. It was only by studying black magic for 13 years that she was able to achieve a human form, but this form can be undone if she gets hurt sufficiently. Her slime heritage is however one of the biggest advantages over Mink that she has in battle, due to being completely amorphous and lacking vital organs she is able to survive lethal physical attacks (she was not harmed by Mink accidentally stabbing her through her torso) while being very proficient in magic at the same time. Vina is Mink's rival for the affections of Dick Saucer. She will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, and goes out her way to make Mink's life miserable. She is also very defensive about her father, who spoils her rotten. In the manga, Vina has studied magic since early childhood and can summon creatures. She plays an important role, but after an incident involving Mink and her father occurring midway through the manga, her role slowly fades away and apperes once awhile. She has purple hair with a tiara in the OVA but in the manga, her hair is pink and the tiara doesn't come until chapter 37.

At the end of the manga she gives up on Dick and becomes Migu's girlfriend.