Mink before her 1st ecdysis

Daughter of Rouce the Red Lightning and Mana, an imperial red dragon, and the star of Dragon Half. She is like your typical teenager except for the fact that she is half-dragon. She can fly with wings that appear when needed, can breathe fire, and is overall very strong and resistant to most forms of damage, including poisons. She also seems to be jinxed, bringing all sorts of misfortunes to herself and anyone around her and also inadvertently making herself a lot of enemies. In the manga, her main enemies are Azetodeth (AKA the Demon King), Princess Vina and King Siva. Mink is also infatuated with Dick Saucer, the handsome dragonslayer and popstar. However, because of her half human/half dragon heritage, she is actively seeking out the legendary People Potion, which would make her fully human.

As a part-dragon, she undergoes ecdysis, in which she sheds her skin and becomes more powerful. Her power continuously grows each day after her first ecdysis. She also experiences wild mood and personality swings around the time her ecdysis is supposed to occur. While the first ecdysis just made her stronger with minimal physical alterations (six horns instead of two), the second ecdysis would supposedly turn her irrevocably into a giant disfigured monster of terrifying strength. According to a prophecy, one who shed their skin twice would gain power surpassing that of the demon gods (including Azetodeth) but would turn into a large black monster with ten legs and four eyes. This is prevented by an arm bracelet gotten from Mink's great-grandfather. The bracelet monitors and suppresses Mink's power. When it's turned off, the counter on the bracelet rises, showing Mink's rise in strength. If the counter ever reaches 999, the second ecdysis would occur. However, when the Demon Lord was released from the Gourd of Saints by one of his minions soon after he was sealed, he overpowered everyone until Mink turned off her bracelet, allowing the counter to reach 999. The foretold ten-armed, four-eyed monster did indeed appear, but it was in the form of a mark on Mink's butt. With her new power, she easily killed Azetodeth with the holy sword her mother made to combat the Demon Lord.

At the end of the series she is married to Dick and they have a daughter named Pink together