Dick preparing to battle Mink

Dick Saucer is a famous dragon slayer, as well as being a pop idol. He is the epitome of a pretty-boy, walking around singing his theme song, and is admired by many girls especially Mink, Rufa and Princess Vina. However, because the King tricked Saucer into thinking that Mink is a red dragon in disguise, he tries to kill her, much to Mink's disconcertion. In the manga, the reason he slays dragons is because his parents were killed by a dragon 15 years ago. Also he was born into royalty with his parents being the Sea King and Mermaid Queen. In the end, he learns the truth about his parent's murders and is about to marry Mink when Rufa interrupts with news about a new Demon Lord. But either way, this reveals that he now has a love interest in Mink.

At the end of the manga he and Mink have a daughter named Pink together.